23/11/2020 | a tribute to London

Before we’re heading on to season 2 of the N I G H T D R I V E series, I’m throwing in two 60 minutes mix-tapes of UK Garage and Future Garage; colmesrey X: ‘London Tribute’ and colmesrey X²: ‘Beyond London’.

This is a tribute to the city of London, its artists and their major contribution to underground electronic music which has inspired DJs around the world ever since.

27/05/2020 | up and running

As of today, colmesrey.com is up and running. Enjoy your stay and listen to, download and share colmesrey in a clean, minimalist and ad-free environment.

Whether you drive the highway at night, study for your exam or make love to your significant other – you have come to the right place to enjoy the soothing effects of synthetic sounds.

[update 11/08/2020] Otto Schill’s /chillradio has been discontinued and therefore taken off the site. It was a good ride though.